Mission Statement

Our mission at South Florida Caribbean Conference (S.F.C.C.) is to raise awareness as well as to educate the American population and the West Indians diasporas about the diversity of Caribbean Culture. Learning about the history and heritage of the Caribbean goes a long way towards understanding who we are among the rest of the world. The Caribbean has always been a site of global interactions and attractions. We have played an important role in the circulation of ideas and sharing of cultural practices from the indigenous people's experience to the modern contemporary Caribbean. Each of the Caribbean countries is unique and fascinating, ranging form the English, Spanish and French speaking to the Dutch speaking Caribbean countries. The music, food, dance culture, festivals and local customs have in many ways influenced who we are and set us apart from the rest of the world. This Conference will educate the American population, as well as West Indians about the past, present and future of the culture and heritage of the Caribbean nations. It will be also an occasion to have much needed conversation about the vital contribution of our Caribbean region to the world, particularly in terms of history, festivals, music, food and arts as well as engaging discussion on current issues that affect the Caribbean. For example, the lack of healthcare, impact on finances, crime, impact of technology and social media within the Caribbean population.


Our focus for the 2018 South Florida Caribbean Conference (SFCC) is Economic Infrastructure and the impact it has on the Caribbean region; building prosperity and creating a brighter tomorrow is our focus at SFCC. Some of the areas we will be conversing on are as follows: transportation infrastructure, financial institutions, tourism, mental health, the public health care system, crime, culture, music, festivals/carnivals which all have a significant impact on our culture. Together, we will highlight the cause and focus on innovative ideas and solutions to stimulate the growth of Caribbean Economic Infrastructure. What can we do to build toward prosperity and create a brighter tomorrow for future generations? SFCC offers a space where ideas can become tangible. It is a platform where it’s okay to disagree, but with the willingness to listen to new ideas from others. It is expected that this conference will provide the opportunity to showcase the history, wealth and diversity of Caribbean nation and uses these characteristics as avenues to the economic infrastructure throughout the region.

SFCC provides a setting where multi-and inter-disciplinary views are strongly encouraged, where the art and humanities meet the social sciences, and where different views and communication about the Caribbean Islands are presented by a diverse group of participants. In order to continue to facilitate and educate both American and West Indian population about the Caribbean culture, we at SFCC encourage our participants to be as interactive as possible, give constructive feedback and even propose ideas for future conferences.