The Influence of Music within the Caribbean

The Influence of Music within the Caribbean:

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It is no secret that the Caribbean community is very diverse and consists of many cultures that are heavily influenced by the countries and ethnicities of the descendants who carry on the traditions of their ancestors. Therefore one of the most obvious influences of these varying cultures is the genre of music that emanates from the Caribbean. Rhythms combined with influences from Africa, India, China and tons of other culturally significant countries, are just some of the few that have influenced the direction that the Caribbean music genre has forged for itself, cementing itself as a major player in the worldwide musical industry.

The Music Industry

The music industry is one of the largest culture industries. It makes a significant contribution to the economy and has long been valued for its contributions to the Caribbean cultural identity. The South Florida Caribbean Conference (SFCC) will be focusing on the music sector of the Caribbean economies, the challenges of global restructuring, as well as the developing collective strategies to overcome the barriers when dealing with social networks and media. We, the Caribbean people, enjoy competition in cultural production. Jamaica, as a prime example, continues to be the primary source for the musical invocation in the genre of Reggae, despite the fact that the genre has spread to many parts of the globe. Reggae is now recognized as one of the major genres of music and has gained recognition around the world. Another example is Trinidad and Tobago, the land of Calypso, Soca and Steel band. This country has exported musical genres through the proliferation of the Trinidad styled carnival that can now be found worldwide. Many Trinidadians are proud that the Steel pan originated from his or her birth land of Trinidad and Tobago. Like other musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, and keyboard just to name few, that were developed and originated from other countries, Trinidadians can proudly boast of having their own musical instruments. Then there is Merengue; the official music and dance of the Latin Americas and Caribbean nations. The music stemming from the Dominican Republic is one of the sub-genres that have contributed to the recent explosion in Latin music on the world music scene. The music industry is one of the largest contributors to the growth within the Caribbean Islands.

What make music so GREAT …

We, the Caribbean people, have participated in the music industry with the recording and exportation of genres like Baithak, Gana, Bouyon, Cadence-Lypos, Calypso, Chutney, Chutney-Soca, Compas, Dancehall, Jing Ping, Parang, Pichakaree, Punta, Ragga, Reggae, Reggaeton, Salsa, Soca and Zouk. Staying with the current trend of music is vital to stay in the game. Music is constantly changing and evolving. That is what makes music so great. It does not stand still. It’s constantly moving and stays update with the current time. If you are a-part of the music industry, it is vital that you keep up-to-date with the trend and with the latest technologies such as the equipment. The development of new equipment, social networks, new social media sites, new technology such as apps, which provides a  faster way to get the music to the people; determines how  the economy and the industry benefits from it. Due to the growth in the technological world, the music industries have to keep up with the market in order for them to stay in business. The artistes have to find new ways/methods to reach the abundance and generate revenue.  For example, DJ’s equipment’s constantly change, therefore, DJ’s who what to be competitive and stay ahead of others, have to keep up with the latest gadgets.  Artist, DJ’s and other entertainers’ job is not as easy as it may appear to the general population. A lot of hours go into preparation for his or her shows. Artistes have broken barriers and paved the ways for the next generations by means of “crossover” and have become known worldwide. Some of these individuals we are speaking of are individuals like Bob Marley, Marshall Mantano, and Rihanna just to name a few.” Another way, the Caribbean cultures have become known worldwide is through the various Carnivals. Carnival is one way that the Caribbean cultures have reached worldwide.

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